Rising to the challenge because, together we can.

Giving back through life-changing experiences.

Helping because we could...


While on safari we met such lovely but hungry children.

We saw hungry children in the Mara in Kenya and decided to feed them, and then our vision got bigger and more exciting. We built the "Sunflower Cafe," in honor of Christel's parents, to feed our hungry students.. 


Could we build a school cafeteria and feed children?

We mapped out our building plans with yarn and chalk and began an incredible adventure, building a school cafeteria complete with a water tank and brazier to feed the children. And no, I didn't know how to build a school, but together, we all figured it out.


Yes, we can make a difference.

Yes, our volunteers carried rocks and helped to build the cafeteria. We don't just give money away, but rather, deliver it personally and take an accounting of exactly how it is spent--building supplies, uniforms for the children, shoes, water tanks, books and more!


Our efforts began began to take shape and moved to completion.

Our project began to take shape--one we could recognize and soon the excitement was buzzing all around the village. The parents and children are so grateful and now the students learn without the distraction of being hungry.


We did it!

Coffee break in the Mara. We did it! Our promise to the children was that we would help them go after their dreams of becoming a doctor, nurse, pilot, architect, teacher, and more. Yes we can when we all work together.


Time for a safari and sundowner

It's not all work and no play. When you choose to help another and be of service it's important to also take care of yourself, and of course, have some fun. As Christel always says, "FUN does not require permission."

making a difference when we can


Our Team Answered the Call of Duty

Our Team Answered the Call of Duty

Our Team Answered the Call of Duty

Our amazing team of  volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. We saw children in need of food, water and education and boarded a plane for Africa and stepped up to help.


Working together as one family

Our Team Answered the Call of Duty

Our Team Answered the Call of Duty

It is incredible what can be accomplished when we work together.


Our Mission

Our Team Answered the Call of Duty

Our Mission

We promised the children we would help them achieve their educational goals and their joy is a blessing to all.

About Us


Christel Nani, RN Medical Intuitive

Founders of MSR, we travel the globe to teach, learn and help others. 


Rebecca Grace, Psy.D.

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